We will be giving away a scholarship to one medical student or resident interested in improving physician well being.


We will give away one scholarship to a non medical student interested in improving physician lives.


Each scholarship will be worth $1000.


Our goal is to support people who are working to improve physician lives and help reduce the physician student loan burden. If you are a company who wants to help pay off student loans contact us so we can give out multiple Scholarships or greater amounts.


Want to enter to win? Please share your story about your experience with Physician suicide or burnout and what needs to come next.


Stories will be judged based on 5 criteria:

  1. Need- preference will be given to students with financial need or other discrimination.
  2. Personal dedication to physician well-being.
  3. Quality of plan for improvement.
  4. Professionalism.
  5. Knowledge of Physician Suicide and burnout.
  6. Length- essays should be anywhere between 1000 and 5000 words.


UPDATE: In 2020 we will have an additional scholarship for diverse students who are interested in studying the connection between racism and burnout.


Want to support the scholarship? Your donation will go towards scholarships for more students or greater scholarship awards. Email us.


Our 2020 Scholarship Deadline is June 10, 2020.

Please Note- the Deadline for this scholarship has been extended to Nov 1, 2020 due to Covid19. 

Awards will be given out at the Physician Burnout Symposium June 23, 2020.  November 9-11

If you experience any difficulty with uploading your application, please submit to Janae Sharp directly by email.

Judges needed! If you are an expert in Physician Burnout and are willing to review applications please email.


Want to help judge applicants? Apply Here

Sharp Index is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to reducing physician suicide and burnout.  

EIN: 82-5208401